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This boat is certainly comfortable enough to have family and friends aboard, but its reason for existing is primarily for fishing. With that said though there are plenty of features that anglers, families, water sports enthusiasts and pleasure boaters will enjoy.

The 280 CC shares a ton of design cues from its smaller and larger siblings, including a sheer line that rises dramatically to an aggressive bow that has lots of flare to keep things dry. The entry is steep and piercing, but is also graceful and elegant at the same time. Under the waterline is a deep-V hull with 21 degrees of transom deadrise that draws just under two feet (22 inches). The 21-degree transom deadrise hints at this boat’s offshore DNA, and makes wreck- and reef-hopping in sloppy water off the coast a breeze.

Why is Cobia Different?

Spend any time on a new Cobia and you’ll see and feel a difference. It will become especially apparent after being on a competitive brand. Boating and fishing on a Cobia is just easier. That’s because Cobias excel by design. The distinction comes from starting with a goal for each new model meeting a unique set of peak performance criteria based upon that model’s intended usage. This results-first approach puts the user’s specific needs and wants above all else and leaves no room for compromise. From there we use our vast experience as serious anglers, avid boaters and craftsmen to work backwards into designs that deliver more productive, more comfortable and more enjoyable days on the water.

Take for example our smart deck layouts. Everything is located where it will be most commonly used and is operated with minimal effort. The decks are spacious and easy to get around with no trip hazards or awkward steps. Plenty of freeboard, but not too much, translates to open water security while still be able to work over the gunwales. Hand holds are out of the way but always within reach. The lids are lighter and lift-assisted. That means they’re safer, easier to operate and stay open when they are supposed to. Convertible parts like hideaway seats don’t require the strongest person in the family to operate them. You’ll have a tough time filling all the storage compartments, which have oversized openings and are truly dry. Helm layouts are intuitive, with all electrical displays within direct sight and all controls within arm’s reach from the deluxe helm seats. When it comes time for maintenance, you’ll appreciate all the easy access and labelled wires. It’s added attention to details like these, and many more, that translate to less hassle and more quality time on the water.

Having exceptional looks and functionality above the waterline is only part of what makes a day on the water in a Cobia so enjoyable. All Cobia hulls are naval architect-designed for peak running performance, comfort and efficiency. Fine, far-forward bow entries extend the running surfaces to utilize nearly the full length of the boat. This means that compared to other boats the same size, Cobias stay on top of the waves, smoothly slicing through them instead of falling into their troughs, which minimizes blunt impacts to the hull bottom and the jarring pounding common on hulls with shortened running surfaces. Large bow flares push the sliced waves out and away, limiting spill over into the cockpit and keeping those aboard dry. Finally, the variable deadrise hull designs break up the leftovers, diminishing the forces of the waves and cushioning their effects. All this creates a superior ride that is soft, relaxing and supremely fuel efficient. For proof, look at our running videos and performance bulletins and ask new Cobia customers how their boats perform. Real world results tell the best story.

All Cobias are built to American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards, the highest in the industry. But we don’t stop there. Here are just a few of the extra steps we take before, during and after the build process to insure your Cobia will take your fishing and boating to new levels, safely and confidently.

300 point quality assurance program conducted on every boat

100% No Wood, No Rot construction

Engineer-designed lamination schedules

Inner- laminate metal or phenolic backing plates and screw retention material for all fastening points

Hoses double-clamped and reinforced with sealant

Premium fade resistant gelcoat

Pressure-tested, epoxy-coated aluminium fuel tanks

Bonded electrical systems (261CC and up)

Labelled, copper-tinned wiring harnesses built in-house custom to each order with pull chords

Seacock valves on all thru hulls below the water line

Fiberglass-encapsulated, reinforced closed-cell, thermoplastic polymer foam stringer systems

Hand-laid fiberglass construction with thermal barriers to maximize gelcoat cosmetics

316 stainless steel hardware

Highest grade components

Finished bilge interiors

Fiberglass console interiors

Decks stiffened with carbon reinforced beams

Squish-moulded lids with cored construction


  • GRP
  • Mono
  • 27' 7"
  • 9' 8"
  • 22" feet
  • 21


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